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About Anisha

Hey! I am Anisha, 26, Software Engineer by education. Being an academic and career oriented person, I somehow managed to be happy or satisfied with my career for initial one year. As the time passed, I realized I am not happy, I am lacking passion in my life. Doing an IT Job is not my dream, I was chasing something that is common and easy to go for and then I realized we only get to live once and we must dedicate our life to fulfill our dreams rather than chasing money.  Besides, My real happiness has always been reading and writing.

As a person, I am very straightforward and love to write, travel and help people through my experiences. I am not a pretty good writer or something but this is my dream and as I said life is all about living for your dreams. It definitely took me time to realize important ingredients of life but now I have.

Since that day I have struggled a lot in many ways. There are negative vibes all around me but I do not care anymore. I do not care if somebody judges me based on their tiny and bounded thoughts. I am lucky enough to have one or two people in my life who trust my instincts and most importantly I do trust them. And through my blog I get love of my readers which motivates me to write more.

I am working on my dreams by writing guest posts, travel stories of my life. Trust me it gives an immense pleasure to be of help to somebody by just writing down my life experiences.

This blog is my first step to convert dreams into reality. It made me realize I am a really good blogger, designer too and this blog is foundation of my dreams.

All I wanna do is to write, write, write and explore the world.

About Paresh

15224586_1272608539458777_619561080_oHi! My name is Paresh Maru.

It has been a while since I started trekking down the highest peaks along with my travel trips.

Travelling and Trekking are my love, passion and lust and I wish It was my profession but then “Life Happened”.So I am a Software Engineer by profession and dream to make Passion as a profession.

I love meeting new people and approaching them with an open and upbeat attitude.

First Experience:

When I first went to trek, the only thing in my mind was to reach the peak point anyhow and yeaaaah.. I did it!!. It will sound strange but I had no fear at all I climbed up quickly like a crazy monkey though I do not possess strong physique, my weight is just 65kg.

It was the first time when I realized that I have never had such an intense feeling about anything but trekking. Since then I have a dream to reach the highest peak in the world travelling and trekking all the peaks coming on my way.

I am not a good writer obviously but all I would like to say is keep exploring your dream, your passion because that's what defines you and your actions.

Afterall Its your life, live under your terms!!

How we found each other?

Lets keep it a mystery untill I am able to gain enough curiousity from you guys to write about it. 😉

Keep Exploring... 🙂

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